Panasonic Air Conditioner in Perth

Over the past few years, Panasonic air conditioners have been advancing in the industry and have proven to be the best efficient product in this market segment. It was also given the CANSTAR 5 Star Award as the most satisfying brand. Now widely regarded as the number one brand, years of research and proven-performance have paid off for Panasonic.

It has high efficiency, long-term reliability and outstanding performance. It also has a full 5-year warranty. You cannot make a mistake by choosing a Panasonic air conditioner.

Panasonic Ducted Inverter

Is way ahead of some others with its premium inverter. This product has the capacity to provide more than the rated output. This means faster heating or cooling than some competitors. 

Some products are rated 10.0 kilowatts and can only achieve 10.0 kilowatts. Not a Panasonic. A 10.0 kilowatt Panasonic Premium Inverter will actually give you up to 25 percent more power at high compressor speeds, bringing it to the right temperature much faster than standard inverters.

They also have the ability to run down to lower outputs when the right temperature is reached, saving you money. Most of the competitors get down to about 6 kilowatts minimum and others reach 5 kilowatts. A Panasonic Premium Inverter will come all the way down to 3.3 kilowatts. That’s about 45% lower output, saving you on power costs – clear and simple.

With minimal noise, reduced cold draughts during winter and faster temperature achievement, you will find it hard to beat a Panasonic premium inverter.

The Current Inverter Systems

Offer a very economical and quiet product that will achieve great results. Often, these systems are at lower costs than alternative products that gas and electrical competitors can offer.

With the right design, we can now provide heating or cooling to each room within a home. It can be zoned in order to have each room of your choice on or off. This is another way to reduce the consumption and running cost.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Prices

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