Mitsubishi Air Conditioner in Perth

Mitsubishi air conditioning units come with a complete five-year warranty. The FD series offers a highly-efficient range of inverter air conditioning machinery manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This company is Japanese and the dedication to quality and perfection is evident throughout their range of products.

Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioners

The Ducted Model of the Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Is supplied with inbuilt safety by way of a condensation pump built for any model we supply. We can even carry out the installation with a slight uphill direction and still disperse the condensation.

With their many years of industrial and commercial experience, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offers high-quality manufacturing that you can trust. Their high performance and the excellent reliability is as good as it can be by any industry standard.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Prices

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