Coolbreeze Evaporative Cooling in Perth

The Coolbreeze evaporative cooling system is manufactured in Western Australia by Air Group Australia. This is a long-term advanced product that leads the marketplace in its innovation and low maintenance. Its high-output performance eclipses any rivals with its long-term reliability (a warranty of up to 10 years, the best warranty in the industry). 
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No Other Brand Matches a Coolbreeze

In fact, Coolbreeze offers the most powerful models in the Australian market. A large home needs a Coolbreeze. The Coolbreeze evaporative cooling machine provides 100 percent fresh, clean air throughout the home. It’s filtered air that doesn’t irritate or dry the air, so it is far better for hay fever and asthma sufferers. 

There is No Ozone Damage from a Coolbreeze Evaporative System

And it consumes a lot less electricity than alternative systems – about 80 percent less, in fact. You don’t need to close the doors either. Maintenance with a Coolbreeze air conditioner is greatly reduced with the exclusive Waterwise management system incorporating the water pump. 

The Water Inlet Valve and the Water Level Sensor

Constantly maintain water quality. With the automatic water flush to keep the unit clean and empty when it’s not in use, there is very minimal maintenance. This is a no-worry system. 

There are Optional Control Pads Too

From the standard manual style control to the latest touch pad controls. There is a control to suit every customer. 

Coolbreeze also Offers the Exclusive MAXIMA Model

With an inverter motor for even lower running costs and quiet operation. MAXIMA is ideal in this modern time where building lots are shrinking and homes are even closer than in the past. MAXIMA promises lower noise levels.

All Coolbreeze models can have the five-year warranty extended all the way out to 10 years and no one beats that. This is a clear display of the manufacturer’s confidence – confidence you can share.

Coolbreeze Evaporative Cooling

The Coolbreeze evaporative model has an extensive service area:


8.0 kw      
95 m2  
Good 5 outlet model to service three bedroom units


10.2 kw   
125 m2 
Great for 5-7 outlets

12.7 kw
160 m2 
Suits 6-8 outlet installations

15.2 kw   
195 m2 
Ideal for 8-10 outlet work – equal to the highest performers of the competition

Coolbreeze leaves behind the competition with two unmatched models:

16.7 kw   
230 m2 
For large homes with 9-10 outlets


17.7 kw  
255 m2 
For a big house with 10-12 outlets 
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Coolbreeze Air Conditioning Prices

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