Air Conditioning System Replacement in Perth

Machinery and System Replacement

For many years, Comfort Zone has carried out numerous replacements of existing systems – both the complete system and the machinery only, leaving the ducting and zoning in place. This we can do with reverse cycle, evaporative products and even wall-mounted split systems.

It is often the case that the ducting is in good condition, but the machinery itself has failed altogether or needs costly repairs. These parts may be expensive due to minimal availability and other associated costs. This is when the indoor unit (fan coil) and the outdoor unit (condenser) will need to be replaced.

In most instances, the replacement product has a higher output as an inverter, so it's improvement is not limited to the extra output alone. There is an added bonus in that the new machine is far more efficient and produces less noise. It’s a win on several fronts.
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A Large Number of Evaporative Systems

Have been sold throughout Perth over the years and these are now getting old and are either leaking water, rusting or not performing as they used to. The cost of repair is often not much less than having a new machine fitted. This is due to maintenance people over charging, so it’s not too hard to get a new product and have an improved performance with little maintenance compared to the old machine.

The old product often has rusted parts, leaking water and escaping air. When you add it all up, the performance is just not good.

The Coolbreeze Unit

We supply is a higher output product. It has minimal maintenance compared to the old machine, which gives our clients great results. Some clients opt for a total replacement and this allows us to give them a big jump in output and a far more comfortable home.

An Evaporative Change Over

Is something we can complete within one day, so no hold-ups for you. We have been doing this work for more than 35 years and the best part is that you can talk with Don Hayes about your house and get advice on what may be best for you to do.

Like Don Says

We see ourselves as assisting our clients, not just selling and running away.” At Comfort Zone, you will receive genuine advice that is not just chasing the highest possible cost. You can talk with people about what may suit you or even what you can afford to do. They understand costs and will work with you for the best results.

We will Also Remove the Old System Rubbish for You

The cost at the rubbish site is $45.00. We then charge $35.00 to cart. With a total of $80.00, your rubbish will be removed or it can remain for your council collection.

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