Perth's Evaporative Ducted Systems

An evaporative ducted system is the most economical method to cool an entire home. If designed correctly, it will do the job so well that heat will be removed from all rooms with an outlet. That is quite special as it is not an option with any other system in the current market (unless there are unlimited funds available).

These systems can get good results and cost a lot less to operate than reverse cycle products.
evaporated ducted

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling works by replacing the hot air with a cool airflow, much like a SeaBreeze air conditioner. It is not cold air, but it is a large volume of cool air pushing the hot air out. This is why you need to have windows or doors open for the heat to escape.

Evaporative Ducted Systems have Great Success in Western Australia

In fact, Western Australia has some of the most experienced designers, manufacturers and installers anywhere in the world. Even countries like America cannot achieve the performances and results like we can here in Western Australia. They simply do not have our expertise.

When you get a Coolbreeze  system from Comfort Zone, you are getting the best in the world. Coolbreeze  has a large export market, so our technology is spreading  

Our evaporative cooling is an economical way to cool your entire home

Evaporative Air Conditioning Prices

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